Business Training


Women’s Worth Inc. has created business training programs for women in both rural and urban areas. These programs focus not only on hard skills such as accounting and numeracy but also on soft skills such as decision making, negotiation, conflict management, and self-advocacy.

The training materials include culturally appropriate images, audio and video suitable to audiences with a low-literacy level. The trainings are designed to be highly participatory using role plays and student experiences to enhance the learning. Moreover, the trainings include distributed practice, (the repetition of material at different intervals) to improve recall. The workshops also include frequent low-stakes testing of students.


During our first year of operation, Women's Worth, Inc. conducted extensive interviews to assess the needs of women in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua. We then designed a series of workshops which were administered to approximately 50 women. The feedback from the women has been overwhelmingly positive and many have returned to participate in further workshops.