The Team

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Berly Cordero - Founder and Executive Director

Berly Cordero hails from modest beginnings. She was born to a poor family in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the Unites States at a young age. She earned her bachelor degree from New York City’s Fordham University and spent 8 years working in affordable housing and international development. In 2014, she moved to Nicaragua, driven by a desire to work on the ground in a developing country. While volunteering in microfinance and working with local women she noticed a need and desire from micro-entrepreneurs for greater training and support, which resulted in the founding of Women's Worth, Inc.


Casey Atkins - Director

Casey Atkins is a Boston-based photographer and filmmaker with a background in documentary work and photojournalism. She grew up in six different countries, and she currently divides her time between freelance work in Boston and traveling for international assignments and projects. Casey first visited Nicaragua in 2015, when she began working with women entrepreneurs. She was inspired by her experience and has returned each year to continue working in the country.


Elizabeth Spivak - Director

Elizabeth Spivak first moved to Nicaragua for work in 2013. Originally from Upstate NY, she earned a bachelor's degree in industrial and labor relations from Cornell University. During her studies, she came to Nicaragua on a service learning trip and knew that she wanted to return someday. Immediately after graduating, she secured a job with a non-profit and moved back. Since then, she has worked with several different organizations throughout the country, but her passion is working with the smart and talented Nicaraguan women.


Martha Carolina Diaz Mejia - Workshop and Community relations Coordinator

Originally from Esquipulas, Martha Diaz moved to the city of Matagalpa for university. After earning her business degree, she lived and worked in Costa Rica for a time before eventually returning to Nicaragua. Martha has worked with many different organizations in Nicaragua over the years, training both rural and urban Nicaraguans through a variety of workshops. In addition to working with Women's Worth, Martha is also the Matagalpa Regional Coordinator for People Helping People Global (PHPG), an organization that gives microloans to small business owners. As a single mother herself, she is a valuable voice to understanding the needs of Nicaraguan women. 


Ana Dixsi Loasiga Garcia - Workshop Facilitator

Ana Dixsi the oldest of 4 daughters. She has a diploma in business administration from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Matagalpa. She worked for many years selling products in various stores and also volunteered at her church, Rios de Agua Viva, where she attended comittee meetings. Ana Dixsi lives in Santa Teresita, Matagalpa and attended the Women's Worth's workshop series. She’s a single mother and has recently opened her own clothing store. 


Juana Elizabeth Tinoco Perez - Workshop Facilitator

Juana Elizabeth joins us with much experience and a love for serving her community and society as a whole. She has worked for the Mayor's Office in Matagalpa as an Assistant to the Accounting Department, and been part of the Ministry of Family workshop team, giving workshops in different sectors in Nicaragua. She has been a volunteer member of the Health Brigades and Midwife Brigades for more than 40 years, something for which she receives no payment other than the joy of serving her community. She is also community promoter for IXCHEN, an organization in Matagalpa which works on women’s issues. Juana Elizabeth has a degree in technical accounting. She is a single mother to 2 daughters, and has 5 grandchildren. She loves working with women.

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Valery Triana - Development Intern

Originally from Colombia, Valery Triana immigrated to the United States with her Mom with the hopes of finding a safer and better life to live. Moving around whilst growing up gave her taste for traveling, being on the move, and being exposed to a variety of cultures. She earned her bachelor's degree from Boston University, gaining a comprehensive understanding of business through her 4 years at Questrom School of Management where she concentrated in International Management and Business Law. Through seeing the compare and contrast of a third world country to then grow up in the economic powerhouse of the world, she first became aware of the great inequalities that are out there. Moreover, through watching her hardworking single mom put herself through college in a new country and raise a child at the same time, a flame was ignited to help more women out there who deserve more and just need the resources but are too often forgotten. She is motivated to dream big of a better tomorrow by her drive and will to change the biggest inequalities in the world for the many that cannot afford to dream beyond today.